"The greatest gift you can give to another is your liberating love. The most unselfish act of love is to encourage another to be emotionally self-sufficient and spiritually free and rejoice in that freedom."

Eleanor Leatham

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Helping others heal is one of the most profound sacraments that can be offered to another. It is through the powers of Divine Love and Compassion coupled with Divine Will and Intention that this is made possible. Through my commitment as an ordained minister in service to Spirit I channel these pure and simple gifts to guide and assist others in their endeavor to be whole.

In my practice I use the tools of Energy Healing and Vocal Toning as well as classes on Vocal Toning.

Energy Healing and Vocal Toning, used individually or sometimes combined increases the ability of a person to experience more of the Universal Life Force that transforms them on all levels; emotional, spiritual, physical, and emotional. This energy when moving freely through us is essential to good health and positive well being. Our ability to be open to the Universal Life Force is in direct proportion to our ability to reach our human potential, and in general it makes us feel better and our lives work better!

For appointments or information I can be reached at 512-775-8187 or by email at kowecha@toning.org.



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